3 reasons to choose organic and 2 tips to manage the cost!

Here are my 3️⃣ reasons to choose organic, and 2️⃣ tips to manage the cost!

🥕 did you know that organic food tends to be higher in nutrients as it has had to work harder to defend itself against “pests”, than produce which has been sprayed with pesticides and have the job done for them?

🥕 organic farming methods also tend to be more sympathetic to the land, with crop rotation and diversity meaning the soil is healthier. Food is only as healthy as the ground it is grown in!

🥕 eating organic means less burden is placed on your liver, which has to detox the pesticides in conventional fruit and veg. Pesticides also act as endocrine disrupters meaning they can interfere with the action of your natural hormones 😕

Now for the tips!!👇🏻

1️⃣ if you don’t know it already, you can search for a list called the “dirty dozen” (should be eaten organic where possible) and “clean fifteen” (can be non-organic) which is updated periodically, so you can choose which produce to prioritise organic!

2️⃣ also, soaking non-organic produce in a solution of water and baking soda, and then giving it a little scrub, has been shown to be most effective at removing pesticides from produce!

👇🏼Here I am at Scoop (a.k.a. The Sustainable Cooperative), which has a great selection of organic fruit and veg, which is locally sourced wherever possible💚

Scoop has a membership scheme where you pay a monthly membership (based on your household) and then you get a whopping 25% reduction from your shopping!

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