Bisphenol A (“BPA”)

I love that these products don’t use BPA for their containers.

🚫 BPA is a chemical used in plastic packaging, but ALSO in metal tins and cans to prevent the inside from corroding and breaking!

🍅 Tinned tomatoes are acidic which means the risk of BPA leaching into the tomatoes is even higher 😣

🛒 It is also used in till receipts believe it or not!! On a recent trip to France I was pleasantly surprised to find the French have adopted BPA-free till receipts!!

🚫 BPA is known as an endocrine disruptor, meaning it can attach to hormone receptors in the body and mimic the action of the body’s natural hormones such as oestrogens, androgens and thyroid hormones.

🚫 in this way, it interferes with the function of our hormones but also the production and elimination of our hormones. This can have negative consequences on our health, including reproductive, thyroid and cardiovascular to name a few.

it’s always a good idea (especially if you do have an endocrine disorder) to be a savvy shopper and check the label to see if it is BPA free.

🚫 Also avoid heating your food in plastic as BPA can then leach into your food.

Biona have confirmed to me that they don’t use BPS or BPF – two other chemicals which are sometimes used in “BPA-free” products but which may also have a similar effect.

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