Folate versus folic acid!

πŸ₯¦ I was looking at the ingredients in cereals in the supermarket the other day, and I noticed a high proportion of them contain folic acid.

πŸ₯¬ Some people are unaware that folic acid and folate are two different things. So, this post will be about vitamin B9 – a.k.a. folate!

πŸ₯¦ The natural form of B9 is folate. The active version of folate is methylfolate, which the body needs in order for it to be immediately used.

πŸ₯¬ The artificial form of B9 is folic acid. It is unnatural and your body has no use for it until it’s processed into an active usable form.

πŸ₯¦ Now, because folic acid is similar to folate, it attaches to your folate receptors and then blocks natural folate from getting into your cells, where it needs to be.

πŸ₯¬ So if your diet consists more of foods containing folic acid and less of folate-rich natural foods, this can prevent the naturally occurring methylfolate to get into your cells.

Folate is required for:
βœ…DNA synthesis 🧬

βœ…Protein metabolism

βœ…Cell growth and division

βœ…Red blood cell production

βœ…Repair of damaged cells and tissues

βœ…Conversion of homocysteine (biomarker for cardiovascular disease) to methionine

πŸ‘Ÿ Athletes have a higher rate of red blood cell turnover (cell death and reproduction) due to the stress of training, so adequate amounts of folate are needed to be eaten each day.

Sources of folate include:
πŸ’šLeafy green vegetables
πŸ’šCitrus fruit
πŸ’šKidney beans

Check the ingredients and shop πŸ›’ and eat 🍽 wisely! πŸ€“

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