7 tips to feel less groggy after your festive drink!

Whilst having a drink here and there in moderation is not the end of the world for your health, I wanted to share some tips with you to reduce the negative impact that drinking can have on your health.

7 tips to feel less groggy after your festive drink!
1️⃣ What you choose to eat before your drinking session can affect your hunger, electrolytes and how you feel the next day.

🍳 Choose high protein foods such as eggs, chicken, sheep or goats cheese (if you eat dairy) to help keep you full for longer. This means that you won’t find yourself booze-snacking later on (bye-bye extra carbs!).

It also slows down the absorption of alcohol in your gut. A tasty omelette is a good shout!

🥑🍣 Foods rich in healthy fats such as avocados and salmon can also help to reduce the absorption of alcohol whilst reducing its inflammatory effects.

2️⃣ Snacking on a homemade trail mix of almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and dark cherries helps to replenish the electrolytes which are often lost whilst drinking alcohol 🌰🍒

3️⃣ Bananas have been known to help reduce hangovers due to their potassium, fibre and water content which help to prevent electrolyte imbalances, slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and prevent dehydration.

🍌 Better eaten with protein so enjoy with some nut butter, or in a smoothie with protein powder.

4️⃣ Alcohol is known to block restorative REM sleep meaning you wake up feeling groggy and unfocused.

😴 Leave at least 2 hours between your last drink and when your head hits the pillow to help you wake up with a clearer head the next morning.

5️⃣ And here’s an interesting fact! Tonic water has around 8g sugar per 100ml, whilst coke has around 10.6g sugar per 100ml … so they are pretty similar!

🍭Swap sugary mixers for soda water flavoured with nutrient-rich low-sugar fruits such as berries, lemon and lime to flavour drinks. You could even add some fresh rosemary or mint!

6️⃣ The advice according to the NHS and drinkaware.co.uk is to limit yourself to 14 units of alcohol PER WEEK, and spread this over THREE DAYS or more! 👍🏻

So…what does this look like?
🍺6 pints of beer a week, or
🍷6 medium glasses of wine a week.

🧮 Drinkaware have a useful Unit and Calorie Calculator which tells you how many minutes running you would need to do to burn that alcohol off (a small bottle of beer = 14 minutes running!) 🏃🏻‍♀️

7️⃣ And the old classic💧remember to drink one glass of water for every drink to prevent dehydration and to support the liver in flushing the alcohol from your body. Add electrolytes to your water the next day to rebalance levels.

What happens when we drink our favourite tipple?
Here are some facts about alcohol that you may not know! Alcohol has been enjoyed as a social drug for around 10,000 years! All boozy drinks contain ethanol, yes even your organic biodynamic wine (enter crying face emoji!!). Your liver detoxifies ethanol, and in so doing a substance called acetaldehyde (a carcinogen) is produced before being broken down to carbon dioxide and water.

Your ability to detoxify alcohol quickly depends not only on the health of your liver, but also your genes (for example, I metabolise alcohol more slowly leading to more brutal hangovers!! On the plus side, this means I am more likely to drink less!).

Drinking also lights up the reward system of our brain, so people who are genetically sensitive to dopamine may find they want to drink more often because alcohol will stimulate your dopamine receptors more quickly, so you feel momentarily happy

With this in mind, I often recommend the following alcohol free shops online which sell refreshing botanical drinks:

I’ve also been told these are the tastiest alcohol-free beers:

  • Brooklyn Special Effects
  • BrewDog Punk alcohol free
  • BrewDog Hazy alcohol  free
  • Big Drop Brew Co
  • Adnams Ghost Ship

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