Self Care Tips to help you Thrive!  

I was reading a book the other day and I saw this which I am just going to copy and past below. It’s from Janey Lee Grace who you may have come across before, she is a leading expert in health and wellbeing!

S – sobriety. there has never been a better time to be sober. Cut down or ditch the booze, you’ll have more energy and sleep better. Alcohol lowers immunity and increases anxiety.

E – exercise. Tale online classes, Pilates, Yoga and workouts, walk in nature!

L – Love. Self-love is critical, be kind to yourself and others. Practice your community spirit. Love in action.

F – focus. What do you want for yourself? How can you improve your skills and adapt your business?

C – connection. Find your tribe and do something creative. Encourage each other to learn a language, get baking, singing, painting, knitting, gardening… all the “ings”!

A – appreciation. Keep gratitude lists and stay encouraged, uplifted and inspired.

R – resources. What tops up your battery levels? Walking, dance, art, reading? you also need practical resources such as good nutrition and sup,ements to boost immunity.

E – energy. Stay grounded, take off your shoes and sand or lie on the east. Practice meditation and visitations.

I couldn’t have put it better myself!! These are amazing tips for you to follow and easily incorporate a few into your routines. I have recently started grounding, unfortunately we have “faux grass” at home so if you see me in a random field with my shoes off… you now know why!!!!


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