The 6 S’s to remember for a strong immune system!

The hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment seems to be immunity, and how to protect against bugs and viruses, so I am sharing with you the 6 S’s to a strong immune system to help power you through the winter months.

  • Stress
    • You may be aware that high levels of stress can dampen the immune system.
    • Wherever you can, practice some stress reduction techniques which work for you!
    • Mindful breathing, going for a daily walk in nature, an Epsom salt bath, singing, dancing, exercise – whatever works for you to help you feel good and reduce your cortisol levels!!


  • Sugar
    • Reduce sugar consumption as it can lead to leaky gut and therefore impaired gut immunity (you may be aware that 80% of your immune system is actually in your gut, so supporting a healthy gut is one of the keys to a strong immune system).
    • Swap sugary treats for lower sugar alternatives (dark chocolate, fruit, homemade granola bars, raw local honey etc).


  • Sleep
    • Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is when the body repairs, and not only helps with stress reduction but is also essential to support the immune system to help defend against disease-causing bugs and viruses.
    • Practice good sleep hygiene
    • No phone or tablet in bed (or 1 hour prior to bedtime)
    • Sleep in a and dark room
    • No alcohol or caffeine before bed
    • Drink sleepy tea
    • Don’t watch disturbing images (or the news!!) on TV
    • Eating tryptophan-rich foods with your evening meal can help (salmon, chicken, turkey, eggs, spinach, oats, beans and lentils, red meat, nuts, seeds and bananas). Tryptophan is a precursor to our sleep hormone melatonin.


  • Sunshine
    • We all know the importance of sunshine to boost our vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has been associated with improved antiviral activity, whilst vitamin D deficiency might be linked to increased viral infections.
    • As we head into the winter months it is likely that your levels may start to decline.
    • Low vitamin D levels have also been linked to poor sleep quality.
    • It can be helpful to test your levels before supplementing, so if this something you are interested in please do let me know.


  • Supplements

I always recommend you get as many nutrients as you can from fresh wholesome food:-

    • 7-10 portions of rainbow fruit and vegetables daily
    • SMASH fish (salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, herring)
    • healthy fats
    • garlic
    • berries
    • nuts and seeds
    • organic grass fed meat (bone broths)
    • fresh organic free range eggs
    • fresh herbs and spices
    • shiitake mushrooms are great for immunity!


Immune boosting supplements include:

  • Vitamin D3, zinc and vitamin C.
  • Medicinal herbs such as astragalus.
  • Adaptogenic herbs to strengthen resilience to stress such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Ginseng.
  • Medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and shiitake. I like to use Hifas da Terra, their immune-specific products include Bio-Defense, Dr. Rei for kids, hericium digest (as a prebiotic) and Mico Five.
Keeping our cell membrane integrity is vital to filter what is transported into and out of our cells so I like a good omega 3 supplement too.


  • Sanitation

Of course we are all aware of the 20 second hand-washing rule by now! This also includes:-

    • not touching your face
    • hand sanitizers if hand-washing is not an option (I like Dr Bronner’s Lavender hand spray)
    • covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze
    • keep surfaces clean (Isopropyl alcohol for wiping down surfaces!)

Disclaimer: not all supplements are safe when taken in combination with other medications. If you are on any medications then please check any drug-supplement interactions, or please contact me to check for you.

I am also happy to place an order and pass on my 12% discount.

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