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Feed your Glow in 21 Days!

The ONLINE health reset!

Are you feeling stressed, burned out and struggling to cope with life's modern challenges?

Let's face it, we have just come out of a stressful time juggling working from home, home-schooling, being unable to visit relatives or to spend time with your loved ones. Stress will have affected us all in different ways. 

Stress can easily cause us to crave sugary fatty foods and reach for a tipple to soothe our emotions, which can lead to a few extra pounds here and there. 

Maybe you have found yourself yoyo-dieting in an attempt to lose those pounds but still feel that you are bloated and your clothes aren't fitting properly and despite your best efforts, you are still struggling to lose weight.

  You may be feeling tired and exhausted, struggling to get up in the morning. 

Maybe your digestion has been affected, perhaps you are feeling sluggish or you feel an urgency to go?

  You may find that you have been suffering from mood swings and feel irritated by the teeniest triggers.  

  Maybe you feel that your memory is getting worse, you can't remember small details and brain fog is making it difficult for you to concentrate.

Let me help you to Feed your Glow!

I’m here to help you learn how to eat foods that not only taste delicious, but make you feel amazing – you will glow from the inside out! 

It takes 21 days to form a new habit and on this fun and exciting journey together, I can help you to...

Have abundant energy throughout the day! 

Manage your weight healthily, easily and sustainably. 

Lift your mood, so you feel happier and more able to focus and feel positive

Give you the tools to cope with the demands of our stressful busy lives.

Beat your sugar cravings! 

Empower you with knowledge about the food choices you are making!

Clear your headaches!

Improve your digestive health. 

What is included? 

I will MOTIVATE you to get the results you desire! 

Weekly video calls to ask me any questions and I can give you guidance specific to you! 

Flexible meal plan with recipes to make it EASY for you to nourish yourself with tasty and healthy foods, I know shopping is an issue right now for many! 

eBooklets which will provide you with tools to protect your health now and into the future!

This program is a GENTLE DETOX, designed as a health reset to form your FOUNDATION for healthy eating and lifestyle habits for life! It doesn't include any supplements but I can recommend these on a case-by-case basis if you would like a more specific approach. 

Special summer 2021 investment in your health of just £99!

I am committed to taking control of my eating habits and I want to have more energy, beat sugar cravings, improve my digestion, feel more relaxed and manage my healthy weight! 

What happy clients say about their results with this program!


Special Summer 2021 price
Feed your Glow in 21 Days is just £99!

About me, Melody.

 Melody Evans 
     Naturopathic Nutritionist 

I am passionate about taking the stress out of healthy eating, as I understand the need for quick and easy meals that taste delicious and nourish your mind and body!

I help busy people who are feeling stressed, tired, anxious and overwhelmed to regain control of their eating habits by providing them with an easy and manageable nutrition and lifestyle plan so that they can increase their energy levels, have improved clarity and focus and feel and look their best. I believe that restoring your gut health is the key to supporting your health and wellbeing and promoting longevity for years to come!