Client Testimonials

“Having followed Melody’s nutrition advice I have posted Ironman personal bests in South Africa, a 20 minute improvement from my PB to finish in 9 hours and 45 minutes on the same course and in September 2018 I qualified for the Ironman world championships to be held in 2019 in Hawaii.”  – P Van Overeem – Triathlete.

“Melody looked at my life holistically and the plan she drew up for me was so thoughtfully considered taking into account that I have two little children and a busy working life. Her guidance and suggestions were realistic and have become a normal part of my daily routine. I am so thankful to her for the time she spent looking at my individual needs and sharing her knowledge with me.” –  Shona Ure.

“I went to have a consultation with Melody suffering with anxiety, brain fog and kidney problems and feeling ‘stuck’ in many areas of my life but not sure how to move through these problems. Since following Melody’s suggestions I feel I have reclaimed my health and well being and new opportunities are becoming available to me.” – Katharine Socrates.

“I went to Mel with a number of ailments; lack of energy, sleepless nights, anxiety, acne….and within 3 months I felt like a completely new person! The process also gave me so much more understanding about my body and dietary needs (particularly as a vegan) and I finished leaving empowered and energised!” – Isla Morrison.

“My journey started over a year ago when doctors mistreated me for months, for what should have been a simple UTI. My life suddenly changed from being a genuine, bubbly busy bunny to being locked in my bedroom spending the day between the bed and the bathroom. I never would have thought that I could find myself depressed, constantly bloated, nauseous, sleepy, tired all the time and in a lot of pain. Melody was the most honest and caring nutritionist I contacted, after the first week all my symptoms started to lighten up and here I am 6 weeks later sound as a pound. I learned a lot of things during this journey and Mel has always been there to listen and to support me. If you truly want your best self, Mel can definitely provide you with the tools and the support you need.” – S.R. 

“I’m bursting to tell you the end of week one results! I lost a massive 8 lbs in one week and it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been on a diet! At my most disciplined I’ve never lost anything like this in one week. I’m absolutely thrilled!!” –  Sharon Newman, Bulgaria. 

“I enjoyed how the Feed your Glow program made me feel, making positive changes and feeling the benefits as the course went on. I feel the program has given me great healthy eating ideas and habits which I can continue to use. It has made me think more about what I eat and helped me make the connection between what I am eating and how I feel. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would do it again. Mel is incredibly committed to helping others and she provides just the right amount of support to help you make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.” – NH

“I felt I had got out of control in my eating and drinking and needed some guidance and accountability to get myself back on track. I loved how clean the food felt and how much lighter I felt, both in terms of losing a whole stone and hugely increased energy! I felt I had undertaken self care over the 3 weeks in the most fundamental way and felt very good about myself at the end of the program, it teaches sustainable new habits in a very accessible way. Also I would say that Melody is lovely, really friendly and very encouraging!” – VS

“I was in an eating rut, like most people I want to lose weight and nothing was working. I’ve suffered with depression since losing my Dad, my drinking was getting out of control and I generally wasn’t feeling that great. I enjoyed the meal plans and the advice, it was just the kick start I was looking for. Mel is so supportive, she is one of us normal and down to earth. Very easy to talk to and more importantly a good listener who will listen to your needs/wants and use her talent and knowledge to guide you back on track.” – EF

“Working with Melody gave me a really good start on the path back to fitness after a long term injury. Her advice helped me to lose weight but still fuel properly as my training began to build.” – J.S.

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